Teacher locks kid in small dark room & leaves for the day! (VIDEO)

In a  terrible case of complete and utter carelessness, a young child was locked in a small room at an Idaho elementary school and left there for hours--all because a teacher forgot about him!

Apparently, the incident went down earlier this week when a kindergarten teacher put little Tanner in a "tutor room" during school hours and then left for the day, completely forgetting that the young boy was still there!


Tanner was left locked in the room with the lights off. "He had urinated in his pants, he was cold and was crying--he was scared," his dad, James Cagle said. Cagle also explained that though those rooms are normally used for extra help or small group exercises, Tanner was put in there as punishment for taking apart a link in a Christmas chain decoration! Seriously?!

The little boy was found hours after school had ended. The district says it's investigating and taking the matter seriously. But though they haven't commented on the teacher's status, some reported seeing him in his classroom after the incident…which Cagle isn't too happy about. "If you're not responsible enough to take care of children, then you shouldn't be," he said.

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I have to agree! If that had happened to my child, I would be LIVID. I totally get that people make mistakes and all, but I'm sorry--as a teacher working with young kids, you just can't afford to overlook things like that. Besides, I'm sure the other parents at the school aren't all too thrilled that this has happened to one of the kids either. And the fact that it seems like the little boy really didn't deserve to be there in the first place just makes the whole situation even worse!

I'm just glad that Tanner is safe…although I can't imagine he'll want to go back to those rooms anytime soon!

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