Teacher asks students to think like a serial killer in bizarre homework assignment

Many parents might question the purpose behind some of their kids' homework, but I doubt any have ever been quite as unexpected as the bizarre assignment recently handed out at an Australian high school. A teacher at Northern Bay College's Goldsworthy campus in Corio asked his ninth-grade students to map out detailed information on the life and crimes of serial killers! Huh?!


The assignment was given to students in a forensic psychology elective and gave students two weeks to complete 10 out of 20 activities that involved diving into the mind of a serial killer. Some of the choices the students had included drawing a cartoon about how a serial killer murdered someone, composing a poem or a rap about a serial killer, making a children's book which teaches kids about serial killers and other similar options.

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After parents caught wind of the assignment, they were (understandably) upset and baffled as to why something like this would ever be handed out to students in the first place. And honestly, I don't blame them. What exactly was the point of this homework? I know it's a forensics psychology class so topics like this are expected, but it's the way the subject is being taught that bothers me. Having the kids complete not just one or two, but TEN, kind of gruesome assignments (the children's book?!)? It would be one thing if this was an advanced, in-depth forensics class at a college, but for a high school elective, that seems a little extreme.

After further investigation, the school's principal agreed with the angered parents and ordered the teacher to withdraw the assignment.

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