Jovan Belcher's mom will be raising his 3-month-old baby daughter after his suicide

The mom of NFL linebacker Jovan Belcher, who this past weekend killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and later committed suicide, will be in charge of raising Belcher and Perkins' baby girl, who is only 3 months old. The abuela was actually home with the struggling couple when the tragedy occurred.

Little Zoey Michelle will grow up with her abuela in West Babylon, New York, where Belcher's family lives, according to Eric Oakes, the NFL player's cousin, now part of one of the most tragic events to ever befall the football league.


"No one knows what happened but them two," said Oakes to the NY Daily News. "I really wish he would have said something to someone." Perhaps Belcher's mom, once some time passes after this horrific event, will be able to shed some light on what happened.

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As is expected, these two families are deeply affected and mourning the horrible events of this past weekend. We all know the stress new parents face, but for that situation to have come to head the way it did, I'm sure it was much more than a simple fight between a couple. Perhaps some there was some sort of mental illness or illegal substances involved.

While Belcher's relatives and teammates describe him as a quiet, sweet and hard working young man, Perkins' family say that the couple often fought and that the linebacker was at the time really upset that Perkins had gone out to a concert, leaving their baby behind.

When I read that the paternal abuelita would be raising little Zoey Michelle, my thoughts went immediately to Perkins' family, and how much pain they must be going through. I'm not sure I'd be able to tolerate that the family of the man who killed my daughter would be raising my child. Although, I know the pain is equal for both families. To all the families in this case, I want to send my sincerest condolences, our thoughts and prayers are with them during this time.

And It's worth it to say that if someone in your family gets irrationally angry about trivial things, if someone is sad or tired without an explanation, or if someone abuses drugs or alcohol, try to get close to them to try to help. Maybe a small word of encouragement could prevent a huge tragedy.

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