Man kills dad with a bow and arrow, stabs himself, all in front of crowded college class

A gruesome scene unveiled at Casper College, a community college in Wyoming, after an instructor was killed after he was shot in the head with a bow and arrow by his son in an apparent murder-suicide. The teacher, 56-year-old James Krumm was teaching a computer science class when his son, 25-year-old Christopher, barged into the classroom, shooting him with the bow and arrow and then stabbing himself--all in front of dozens of terrified students.

Police say that moments before, the younger Krumm had also fatally stabbed his father's live-in girlfriend, 42-year-old Heidi Arnold in front of their home. His motive is unclear, but authorities say James fought for his life and may have saved his students' after telling them to escape the classroom.


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This story is horrifying, espeically knowing that this son walked into his dad's classroom and killed him in cold blood in front of his students.Police say Christopher had snuck in the hunting bow and arrow onto campus underneath a blanket in addition to two knives--one of which he used to kill dad's girlfriend Arnold. Authorities responded after receiving dozen of phone calls from the campus, but by the time they arrived it was too late and Christopher was on his last breath.

The school was then locked down for about two hours and police learned that Christopher had just driven in all the way from Connecticut and was staying at a local hotel. He's never had a criminal record which left many unanswered questions for cops and for the families.

With all the scary school shootings that have occurred, it's natural for these students to think they were threatened as well. College campuses have been super careful especially after the Virginia Tech massacre, but sadly this was a personal attack on one of their own.

I hope the victims' families can at least get a peace of mind and learn why Christopher killed James and Heidi. Also, I hope students who witnessed the gory crime unfold are provided with proper therapy--I can't even imaging how traumatizing it must have been to witness thir murder/suicide. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the famlies of the victims.

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