Mexican mom's deportation order thankfully halted just 5 hours after giving birth

Talk about showing you want something and you want it bad. Undocumented immigrant Isaide Serrano, a Mexican mother of six, was so desperate to show a judge in North Carolina what deportation would do to her family that she showed up at her hearing just FIVE hours after giving birth to her sixth child. She was there with her five other children ages 3 to 18 pleading for her deportation order to be canceled. The judge must have gotten the point because that's exactly what he did explaining that there were sufficient grounds to prove Serrano's deportation would cause the family many difficulties.

Like many undocumented immigrants, Serrano has been in the country for more than 20 years and has never gotten in any kind of trouble with the law. Unfortunately, she was detained at a traffic stop two years ago and police discovered her undocumented status then.


Although lots of anti-immigration proponents would like us to believe, families like Serrano's are separated all the time, which I find utterly ridiculous and unnecessary. I'm not saying Serrano didn't break the law when she came here illegally 21 years ago, but she's made a life here. All of her children are American citizens and she's obviously not going anywhere. Deporting her wouldn't do anybody any good.

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Just like her 16-year-old daughter told the court, according to La Opinión: "It's very difficult to imagine life without mom. She's our support in every way, we want her here with us." I can only imagine that like any good mamá Latina, Serrano means the world to her six children and breaking the family apart would be detrimental to their overall well-being.

I love when I hear stories like this one and I can only hope that cases like this one push politicians to pass a comprehensive immigration reform once and for all!

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