Mom leaves kids in running car for 90 minutes to meet a man and one dies

There's very little about this case that makes sense to me. I know I'm no one to judge, but I just find it impossible not to do so in a tragedy like this one. In case you're not aware, I'm talking about Heather Jensen, a 24-year-old mom of two who only six weeks ago lost her husband in a tragic car accident. According to records obtained by The Daily Sentinel in Colorado were the tragedy happened, Jensen admits to leaving both her kids in a running car while she met with a man in a nearby truck. When she got back in her Toyota 4Runner 90 minutes after she'd left them by themselves, she found her 2-year-old son Willian unconscious, not breathing and without a pulse. Her 4-year-old son Tyler was breathing, but with difficulty.

When emergency crews arrived after she called 911, they declared little William dead at the scene and had Tyler airlifted to a nearby hospital. He was later transferred to Children's Hospital in Denver were he remains in critical condition.


I can't even imagine how Jensen is feeling right now having lost two members of her family in less than two months. Believe me, I feel terrible for her, but what would posses her to do what she did with her kids?

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I mean, how do you leave two little kids in a running car for one and a half hours without even bothering to check in on them every so often? I understand she was in a car parked right next to hers, but that makes it even worse. What if they needed something? What if they were crying? What if they were cold or hot or hungry or needed their diapers changed?

I'm sorry, but I just don't understand. Another thing that really bothers me about this terrible incident is that Jensen gave two different versions of the events. First she said she'd only left the car running for 10 minutes while she smoked and spoke to a friend who happened to drive by. But in an interview late Tuesday at the Mesa County sheriff's department she told the other version, the one police are going with.

I'm sick and tired of reading about irresponsible mothers who can only think of themselves. It is undeniable to me that some are simply not born to be parents.

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