Breast implants save woman's life after crazy ex-boyfriend shot her

With all the bad plastic surgery  stories we've been hearing lately, it's easy to be quick to judge. But one woman has a lot to be grateful for after her breast implants saved her life. Eileen Likness of Calgary, Canada was on trial this week for the shooting committed by her ex-boyfriend, 61-year-old Fernando Chora in 2006. Likness says that he shot at her twice and could have left her dead had it not been for her breast implants stopping the bullet.

Chora is being charged for attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons charges, for shooting his ex-girlfriend and for moments after breaking into a home and holding up an elderly couple at gunpoint.  



I've particularly never been fond of plastic surgery and have told myself that I would only get it done under the circumstances that it was for health reasons. But this story gave the term boob job a whole new meaning! Who would've thought that this woman would have to owe to her life to her augmented chest one day?

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According to Likness, she had been driving Chora around for several hours before she got frustrated and dropped him off on the street. Moments later she heard gunshots and realized she had been hit. After getting help from a local restaurant, she was airlifted to Foothills Hospital where she received medical assistance. Amazing!

Likness described the shooting and claims the bullet entered her right breast, grazed her chest plate and exited her left breast, destroying the silicone implants. The injury caused by the 9mm gun could have been much worse had her breasts not acted as a buffer between her chest and organs. After recovering, she got the them replaced-- and surprisingly there have been many cases where breast implants have saved women. 

This woman is really lucky that her breasts protected her from the evil likes of her ex-boyfriend. Hopefully he gets what he deserves because the guy is clearly deranged. But I have a whole new view on breast implants. I mean, you never know, maybe one day the police force will take silicone into consideration and apply it to the bulletproof vests they have.

And the idea of a having a female superhero with those protective powers would be awesome too! I can see it now…it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Boobies!  

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