Dad who bullied girl with cerebral palsy gets sent to jail like he deserves (VIDEO)

YES! Today, my faith in our nation's legal system has been (at least temporarily) restored. Why? Well, remember that AWFUL Ohio father who got caught on tape making fun of a young girl with cerebral palsy? He's finally paying for his horrible actions as just yesterday, a judge found him guilty of disorderly conduct and aggravated menacing and sentenced him to a month in jail. A perfectly deserved punishment, if you ask me.


William Bailey and his son were recorded teasing their neighbor's daughter, 10-year-old Hope Holcomb, at their local school bus stop. Holcomb's grandmother videotaped the two impersonating the young girl by pretending to walk with a limp.

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Though both families reportedly filed complaints with the prosecutor's office, it's the Holcombs who have now come out on top. The judge ordered the maximum sentence for Bailey, which means 29 days in prison. Bailey also wrote the young girl an apology letter, which her parents agreed to share with her although they expressed skepticism about whether it was really sincere.

Personally, I'm glad that Bailey is getting the harshest punishment possible. Seriously, what kind of grown man and FATHER not only bullies another young child, but also encourages his son to do the same? It's sickening and an unfortunate example of how bad parenting can set a child on the wrong track. In the end though, you reap what you sow and Bailey definitely got what he deserved. I only hope his son also learned from his dad's experience!

Image via Action 19 News

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