Drunk man deserves to be on naughty list after telling kids Santa isn't real

Looks like someone has landed themselves on the naughty list! A 24-year-old Ontario man got arrested—and broke the heart of every kid nearby--after he got drunk and started screaming that Santa wasn't real! What a jerk!


The man, who wasn't been identified (probably because he would get beat up on the streets by angry parents if he was), was apparently belligerent and intoxicated at an annual Santa Claus parade in Kingston, Ontario. So what did he do? Well, naturally, he started screaming "Santa isn't real" like a total tool. Can you believe that? I know kids figure out the truth eventually, but who is he to stomp all over their happy holiday dreams? I would've been so mad if I was a parent at that parade!

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Oh, and his mean-spirited announcement wasn't the only douche-y move the man made that day. Apparently, his hair was gelled to look like two devil horns! Seriously? What is wrong with this guy? He might not believe in Santa Claus, but it seems like he definitely believes in the Grinch...or at least acting like him!

Thankfully, the man got what he deserved and police arrested him for creating a disturbance by being drunk and breaching probation...which means one point for the good guys and zero for the dream-crushing moron.

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