Mexican beauty queen dies violently in drug-related gang battle

When I saw the pictures of Susana Flores Gámez, who boasted the beauty queen title of Mujer Sinaloa 2012 and who represented Mexico in China in the Miss Oriental Tourism pageant just this past May, as she smiled for the cameras in her imposing crown, I couldn't believe what happened to the beautiful 22-year-old woman: She died in the middle of a shootout between Mexican military forces and a group of armed members of a drug cartel. I just found it so hard to believe that such a young, promising woman had died in such a violent way.


Flores Gámez died this past Saturday in a town in Sinaloa, Mexico, and even though at first authorities didn't release much information about the shooting (they only confirmed that she and her boyfriend had died in the gun fight, as they were caught in the middle), some unofficial versions stated that the military officers were attacked by a group of men while they were in the middle of a recon operation and that it's presumed the beauty queen's boyfriend was one of the armed men who attacked the military, according to Mexican magazine Proceso.

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Mexican daily El Universal also revealed that Sinaloa's Justice Department is conducting tests on Flores Gámez's body to determine if the young beauty queen actually took part in the battle wielding a fire arm, because according to reports, the body of the slain woman was found near a van and an automatic AK-47 pistol, and near several military vehicles that were shot up.

"Without a doubt, the evidence we have points to the fact that she was part of the group of delinquents that confronted the military," confirmed Sinaloa State Attorney General Marco Antonio Higuera when asked if the beauty queen was part of the group of cartel criminals, as El Universal also reported.

As more details come to light in the death of Flores Gámez, it's harder for me to understand how such a beautiful young and charismatic woman, who was apparently well-educated (we know she was studying media studies in college), and with a really bright future, ended up getting involved with organized crime in Mexico. Did she let the luxuries that narcos have access to blind her? Did she get involved with these groups and then couldn't escape? I guess it's better not to ask...

I'm also thinking of her are they feeling after finding out their daughter was apparently involved in this dangerous, dark world? Did they even know before this tragedy or did they suspect that something wasn't right? Only they know the truth, but beyond the possible reasons that led this beautiful young woman to be involved in this world, it's really sad that more and more women that have so much potential and bright futures ahead end up digging their own graves by getting involved in the drug world.

Image via El Informador/facebook

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