It's a known fact that obesity can cause serious health problems, but the story of Vilma Soltesz is especially traumatic. Soltesz, who reportedly weighs around 425 pounds, was recently turned away from three different airlines that claimed they couldn't accommodate her size. But it gets even worse from there. Apparently, Soltesz had been trying to get to New York to get a life-saving treatment for kidney-failure and since she wasn't allowed on board, she passed away. Isn't that just AWFUL?!

Soltesz and her husband had originally traveled from the Bronx to their vacation home in Hungary via Delta and KLM airlines with no problem. But on the way back, when the couple attempted to board their KLM flight home for the meeting with her physicians, employees said it was "not physically possible for her to board the aircraft." I don't get it. Why were they able to board her on the flight there but not on the way back? I mean, it's the same airline...what could've possibly changed? It makes no sense!

After waiting for five hours, the couple was directed to Prague for a Delta flight, but apparently the wheelchair (since Soltesz also only has one leg) and the elevator needed to transport her couldn't hold her either. What?! And then when she tried to get on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to New York, the same thing happened again, with employees insisting they couldn't fit her into a seat.

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Again, how is it possible that she could fly one way and not the other?! I don't understand! How can those airlines just turn her away? They should be prepared to accommodate their passengers, even those of a heavier weight.

Unfortunately, their inability to help her cost Soltesz her life. Since the couple didn't feel comfortable visiting doctors in Hungary, the woman didn't get the medical care she needed and died in Hungary two days after she was refused from the final flight.

This story boggles my minds in so many ways. Why was Soltesz traveling so far in the first place if she was that sick? And why wouldn't the airlines help her out if she explained that it was basically a medical emergency? The whole thing is just sad, especially since Soltesz spent her final days basically being refused and turned away because of her weight.

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Smells to me like a very good LAWSUIT is coming against 3 airlines for her death. Any lawyer will jump on this. Oh... the amount of publicity that this will generate a law firm or private practice. Lawyers...Line-up! Olor a mí como una muy buena LAWSUIT viene contra 3 airlines para su muerte. Cualquier abogado saltará sobre esto. Oh... la cantidad de publicidad que esto generará una práctica de derecho privado o firme. Abogados...Formación!
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She chose death over seeing a Dr in Hungary because they didn't feel "comfortable" seeing one there? Yeah, cuz death is so much better than being "uncomfortable".
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more information needed before judgment can be made. 1. Was the aircraft on the return flight the same type as the one that brought her to Hungary? That might make a difference in boarding. 2. Are government regulations for boarding in US the same as for boarding in Hungary? That might make a difference in whether she could be allowed to board. 3. Was it legal, and compliant with airline rules, for her to have boarded in the US? Perhaps she was allowed to board her outbound flight only because of lax enforcement in the first place. 4. Secondary question: was it prudent for her to have undertaken such a trip, given her medical condition? That is, was this a sudden and unexpected crisis, or might she have been better advised to have foregone the stressful transAtlantic trip in the first place?
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She should have traveled on a CARGO PLANE!! FED EX, USAF, UPS, one of them.
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Yeah it was clearly those 3 airlines that caused her death. It had nothing to do with her being 425 lbs. Way to put the blame on everyone else instead of looking at the person that could have had a healthier lifestyle, gone to see doctors in hungary or never taken the risk of flying to a foreign country when her health was in such poor conditions. Great article!
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It is not awful. Anyone that overweight causes their own death. She caused her own death. Silly to blame someone else.
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I see the dietary 'experts', like Holden, Diane and rob, have already tried and convicted her of the most heinous crime in their universe: Overeating! Did it ever occur to you that her obesity MIGHT not be "voluntary" at all, but rather related to her other health problems? If she flew 'outbound' with KLM and Delta, and purchased a round trip ticket, they are OBLIGATED to fly her BACK! Period!! End of discussion!!!
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Has anyone recently rode on a airplane? How would she fit into the seats even if she purchased three seats? How would she even go down the narrow aisles? How about leg room?
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425 pounds and one leg? That would make her 500 lbs. who in coach would have wanted to "sit" next to her for eight to ten hours? The airlines are not humanitarians they are a business. It is about time bleeding heart liberals figure it out. Sorry she assed away but no one forced her to abuse her body but herself.

Facts: She did not balloon to weight overnight. All three airlines bent over backwards TRYING to accommodate her. She had the option of receiving FREE care in Hungary, but she & her husband turned their noses at the "third-world" healthcare. She's had several warnings about her unhealthy weight including vehement discouragement from her doctor regarding flying & her having had her leg amputated.

Did she expect them to structurally alter their planes just to facilitate her single fare? Should airlines be put out of business for refusing to do such? Is her husband going to sue all the food providers for "making" her a FAT ASS?

What happened to personal responsibility & where does one draw the line at acting like some entitled princess?

I feel very little if no sympathy for her CHOOSING to go the way she did. Period.

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