Mom killed newborn son after becoming convinced that he 'was the devil' (VIDEO)

In a sad and absolutely horrifying story, a Florida woman has been arrested after confessing to drowning her newborn son--all because she was convinced he "was the devil!" What?!


Thirty-year-old Talae Akei Thomas told police that her child, Chase Harrelson, died in the hospital after "they did CPR on him." She then went on to claim that the baby she had taken home with her was the devil, even saying that she heard the baby talking to her! "He was the devil, so I killed him," she told authorities. "I drowned the devil that was in my baby."

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Thomas made the confession after police found her lying in a median and investigated her home, where they found the five-week-old boy in the bathtub. According to family members, the woman had previously experienced hallucinations and had a nervous breakdown four years ago. Thomas has since been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

That poor little baby! It's clear this woman needs some serious help, but it's heartbreaking and devastating that her mental issues cost an innocent child his life. My only question is why was she taking care of her child on her own if her family knew she suffered from hallucinations? Shouldn't she have had someone at least supervising their interactions? After all, whatever problems she might have, there's no rationalizing her horrible actions. I just hope that Thomas gets the aid she needs along with the punishment for her crime.

Image via Police Handout

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