Real life 'Mean Girls' prank classmates with urine-laced cupcakes! (VIDEO)

I'm a fan of the movie Mean Girls because it's a fictional and entertaining depiction of how some young girls can be. But two girls in an Enfield, Connecticut high school took it to an extreme and disgusting level. The girls are being accused of distributing urine filled cupcakes to their classmates at Fermi High School. Yeah, you read that right!

They allegedly pulled the gross prank and handed the cupcakes to classmates they didn't like throughout the course of a few days. They were caught when a friend told school administrators about what they had done--and they're now at risk of facing criminal charges. Serves them right!


First of all, this is a DISGUSTING prank to pull on anyone! And how much do you really have to not like a person to feed them a pee-infused cupcake?! I'm even more shocked that thought they could get away with it and I'm glad that they're getting punished.

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According to WFSB-TV, the girls had urinated into the cake batter before baking the tainted treats and although no one was hospitalized, a few students did get sick. Talk about school prank gone disgustingly awry!

I don't know who these girls are, but one thing's for sure: they SO deserve what's coming to them! If criminal charges are pressed and they're suspended, they'll hopefully learn their lesson. I'd be ashamed to be their parents right now and to know that my daughter was capable of doing something so degrading. These parents also play a big role in this since there should have been more adult supervision to keep this horrible prank from even happening in the first place.

These young women are the prime reason bullying is such a big epidemic right now. Those tactics should be taken seriously and I commend the school for taking action right away. This will also warn other students with equally sick minds to not even dare commit such pranks that may seem harmless at first glance.

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