Teen stabbed her 2-year-old stepsister & threw her body off balcony VIDEO)

I don't consider committing murder justified at any age, but it particularly disturbs me when the killer is merely a child. Atlanta 13-year-old teen, Tyasia Jackson, has been charged as an adult after stabbing to death her 2-year-old half sister, Sasha Lamaya Ray. The teen had been babysitting her siblings while the parents were away when a neighbor found her with a boy in the house and told him to leave.

How sad and disturbing!


Shortly after the boy and neighbor left, Tyasia angrily singled out Sasha as the rest of her siblings went upstairs; she then stabbed the toddler 7 times in the chest before throwing her off the balcony into their backyard. The teen confessed killing the girl to the victim's biological father and is being charged with homicide.

It's unbelievable to me that this young girl would commit something so horrid! I've had plenty of fights with my younger sister growing up, but I never had the audacity to think up such a cruel idea. Siblings fight and it's natural, but violence to that extent is unacceptable!

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There had been other children in the house at the time of the crime, but the parents were the ones who found the toddler's body when they arrived home. Sasha's father, Shelton Ray, heartbroken by his daughter's death, alluded to a behavioral problem the teenager may have had: "We are going to help you along the way while you face those consequences. But you have to change your attitude. As I've always told you, you have to change your attitude," he said.

I just don't understand is why she was left her to babysit her siblings if it was clear that the girl has some form of anger issues. To deliberately stab your little sister a number of times and then tossing her body signals problems beyond teenage angst. I hope the toddler's family gets justice in this gruesome case and that her sister gets a punishment that will teach her a huge life lesson.

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