Why are so many moms getting upset about Facebook's breastfeeding ban?

As you may know by now, breastfeeding pictures posted on Facebook have caused much debate lately. This time, blogger Gina Crosley-Corcoran is fighting back after Facebook suspended her for posting a picture of herself breastfeeding her 18-month-old daughter.

Corcoran, who runs Thefeministbreeder.com, posted the image of her daughter nursing and trying to eat a piece of bacon at the same time for humorous purposes. It was well-received by her followers, until one person complained and reported her to Facebook. The site removed the image labeling it inappropriate and suspended Corcoran's account.The whole incident inspired her to create a campaign to normalize breastfeeding on the site.


Although I don't think Facebook should've suspended Corcoran's account, I can see how some people may not have liked the image she posted. I mean, lets be real, who really wants to see a mother breastfeeding as they browse their newsfeed?

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Corcoran was furious after realizing that Facebook flagged her picture as offensive and suspended her for seven days. She claims that she was complying with their rules and after her page became active again, she created a "72-hour campaign to Normalize Breastfeeding on Facebook." It encourages other women to share her picture on their pages in protest of their ban. As of yesterday, her account had been suspended yet AGAIN, while she continues to update her followers on her own blog.

I honestly don't understand why these moms are so adamant about exposing Facebook to something that should be private. Personally, if I'm in public and see a mother nursing, I look away because it's disrespectful to stare. The same applies to Facebook, so for them to want to post such pictures all over the site will most likely make MANY feel uncomfortable. After all, she wants her followers to post the same controversial picture on their own pages to get their point across.

I find nothing dirty about breastfeeding--since there is definitely WORSE stuff on Facebook--but I myself would think twice about posting those types of pictures for my friends and family to see. It seems a bit strange that someone would want to share something this personal and intimate so badly on a site that's meant for fun. I also don't think that the child in the pic will appreciate it when they're older and know that picture is somewhere online. What's next? Moms posting pictures of themselves giving birth? No!

But for now, we'll keep a close eye on Corcoran's campaign to see if it makes any progress and if Facebook changes any of its policies.

Image via thefeministbreeder.com

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