Investigators have found that a woman in Russia kept her husband's dead body in her apartment for three years. That's right, instead of properly mourning and burying her husband, a clearly disturbed widow instead left her dead husband laying in a bed in her apartment because she thought he would be resurrected. She even made her young kids take care of their father, talking to him and feeding him a broth that she had made. Seriously, how GROSS is that?

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The husband was a missionary from a Pentecostal church who had lived with his wife and five children in a village in the Yaroslavl region in central Russia until his death. Then his widow, who authorities say is mentally unstable (clearly), kept him from August 14, 2009, until July 2, 2012, when the family decided to move to a different town and their 9-year-old and 14-year-old daughters decided to get rid of the body. Investigators said: 

All this time the widow continued to live in the apartment with her small children, whom she asked every day to go into the room where her husband's body lay, 'talk' to their father, (and) 'feed' him with a broth she made. The children, who were worried for their mother and realized their father was dead, would tell her that he talked to them and ate the food.

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Apparently they also used air fresheners to cover the smell of the decomposing body (ew!).

I'm absolutely horrified by these events, especially for the kids. Can you imagine having to go through that? Thankfully, according to iAfrica News, "her children underwent a psychological examination which showed they were mentally healthy." I hope they can recover but, to be honest, I doubt that they won't suffer lifelong psychological damage--especially because this mom wouldn't actually go into her husband's room but instead made the kids do all the work! I'm just completely appalled, but really hope the kids to come out of this relatively mentally unscathed.

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Add Comment Are you horrified by the mom who kept her dead husband for three years?

that gross alright

yes that is gross and I think the kids will have problems later in life.


That's freakin creepy.

Where were his family member and friends. Didnt they miss seeing him and talking t him on the phone. Poor children .It is horrible what she did.
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The same faith had a mega church in Pensacola fl back in the 90's. A man brought his deceased baby from a lower region in Florida in an ice chest to be brought back to life. The church actually prayed and danced and ritualized over the body until it got out and the law stepped in. Down south it is a seriously messed up religion.

it is a very sad story,i feel so bad for those poor childrens,about the mother were was the other families or neighboors

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The woman sounds like Dolores in Shutter Island and I agree with the other comments- where were his family members and friends? Didn't anybody try to contact him in three years? Did he have a job? Wouldn't people have been wondering why he suddenly stopped showing up at work?
This woman is crazy! Those poor kids- I can't imagine what those kids felt-And the poor dead man-
sounds too phoney to me
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