Hotel manager fired after going into emergency labor in guest room

Former manager at the trendy luxury New York City Hotel The Standard, Tara Tan, is suing her former employer for $10 million dollars, accusing them of discrimination, after she says she was not only made to work more than 80-hour weeks, but she was ushered into a guest room to give birth without a doctor present, then was told off by her superiors for having the audacity to give birth in the ritzy hotel, denied maternity leave, and ultimately terminated.

Can you imagine!?


According to the New York Daily News, Tan went nto labor last March while on duty around midnight. She claims the hotel handled her delivery distastefully and had her exit out a side door when the ambulance arrived as to not disturb guests. Afterwards, she had to go back to work, she says, THREE days after giving birth and denied maternity leave. She was eventually let go earlier this year.

These actions by the hotel are outrageous! Tan couldn't help that she had gone into labor while at work and shouldn't be penalized for it.

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According to Tan, The hotel didn't even pay her for those few days she missed after giving birth even, though she had been a loyal employee, working more than 80 hours a week often since they first opened almost 4 years ago. She worked all the way through the end of her pregnancy and even when she delivered the baby in the hotel, they didn't bother to call a doctor.

After all she's done for them, what kind of place treats their employees that way and doesn't have a maternity leave option in their policy?! To make matters worse, upon her termination, she was also allegedly told that she no longer fit the culture of the hotel because she was a mom, and was not young and beautiful like the rest of the staff. Talk about shallow and hurtful!

Neither age, nor beauty, nor marital status should influence how a workplace treats its employees. I hope Tan receives the justice she deserves in this case. The Standard clearly needs to brush up on its ettiquette skills and change its employment policy because if not, they are easily looking at plenty of other lawsuits.

Image via Tara Kimkee Tan

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