Toyota recalls almost 3 MILLION Prius Hybrids due to faulty parts

Of all the recalls we've seen lately, this might just be the scariest! Toyota has recalled their popular Prius Hybrids. The eco-friendly cars most known for being fuel efficient have been experiencing issues with their steering and water pumps.

So far, Toyota hasn't reported any injuries due to the faulty parts, but the cars affected are their hybrid models sold between 2004 and 2009. If you own models from those years, read on to find out what you can do.


Toyota claims the issues with the electric water pump is that the coolant is not circulating as it should be and can put the car at risk of stopping even when it's in use. Eek! We don't want accidents caused because of fault parts!

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It's scary to think that a car as safe as the Prius could be so dangerous. After all, that's what they're constantly tooting their own horn about! Perhaps it could be because it's their oldest models, but if they have that issue, the newer ones might too. Toyota needs to be more wary about revising their cars because so many families buy them due to the various models and prices they offer. And Hybrids especially appear to those trying to save some gas money and the environment!

Toyota plans on recalling 2.7 million of their Hybrids and Corollas worldwide for the same issue the cars are facing in the United States. This isn't great news as the Hybrid is one of the best selling passenger cars. This is the second large recall Toyota has made in less than a month. For now, the company advises that owners sit tight and head to their local dealerships for a free inspection and replacement when they receive their notification letters.

Thankfully I don't own a Hybrid, but I know plenty of people that do, so I'm sure they're not happy to hear that their vehicles may not be safe to operate. Parents should especially be wary of their vehicles if they have children as passengers. If you're a Hybrid owner, you can check to see if your vehicle is involved in a Toyota recall here.

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