Are some people born pedophiles?

If, like me, you've never understood how an adult can be sexually attracted to a child, a new Italian study might have the answer. According to neuroscientists at Turin University and the University of Milan, a genetic mutation may be responsible for pedophilia. Researchers argue that the despicable behavior is caused by the mutation of a substance they believe is associated with a decrease in impulse control. Can you imagine what that could mean if other research supports this claim? For starters, would doctors be able to treat pedophilia like they would any other disease caused by a genetic mutation?

That would be an amazing solution that could prevent a lot of pain and suffering, but would it allow pedophiles to use it as an excuse not to get punished for their crimes?


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Italian scientists agree that a lot more research needs to be done to find out if all pedophiles have the same genetic mutations as the one in their study. Meanwhile, I can't help but think that regardless of what researchers find, pedophiles--the majority of whom are male--will always be considered the scum of the earth. 

I guess it helps to know that there's a neurobiological reason behind their abominable desire to have sex with prepubescent children, but in the end, it doesn't really change anything at all. It may be because of all the horrible stories we're all exposed to on a regular basis regarding pedophiles, but I find myself worrying about this a lot when it comes to my two children.

Most of the time, I feel like I can't trust anyone, not a coach, not a teacher, not another parent. I know it's crazy to live my life like this, but I don't even want to imagine what would happen if either one of my children ever became a victim of a pedophile. 

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