Accuser of Elmo puppeteer recants allegations of underage sex, surprises no one (VIDEO)

Nothing tore my childhood soul apart more than by hearing the allegations that Elmo had inappropriate relations with a teenage boy. The man behind the puppet, 52-year-old Kevin Clash, was recently accused of having a sexual relationship with a man who claimed it started when he was 16 years old. Well, now the man--whose name is not being released--is taking back the accusations and saying that their relationship was indeed consensual and happened when he was of age, as Clash had been saying all along.

Clash admitted to the relationship, but denied that it occurred when the man was underage. The voice actor took a leave of absence from Sesame Street and was disciplined for violating the company's policy on internet usage after evidence surfaced that he had used their email to contact his accuser.


We're sure glad that the accuser came forth with the truth, something we hoped for all along. For all we know, this could be a bitter man just looking to get a good chunk of change from Clash after a bad break-up. To make strong accusations such as these requires evidence to back him up, and now suddenly he's retracted his statement. I don't know if his word can be trusted especially when he's flip flopping this way.

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Thankfully, the accuser has admitted that he lied and that their relationship had been adult and consensual. Reports say Clash is relieved that this case can be put to rest and Sesame Workshop, which produces Sesame Street says that the relationship is not work related. Regardless, this accuser nearly ruined Clash's character and could've ruined his name as a public figure.

Hopefully this guy won't change his mind again, but currently, Clash will take a break from his job to deal with the false allegations made towards him. I'd say he has a right to sue this guy and hope he gets justice!

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