HS principal promised female staffers promotions in exchange for sexual favors (VIDEO)

I know I've said that teachers shouldn't engage in sexual behavior with their students, but this principal had the complete WRONG idea. The principal of Zephyrhills High School in Zephyrhills, Florida, is being accused of offering female teachers promotions in exchange for sexual favors.

Steve Van Gorden, a divorced 37-year-old father of two (who is also strangely the mayor of the Florida town) had been fired after more than 300 pages of evidence proved that he was sexually harassing these women. He also faces losing his job as mayor and President of the Chamber of Commerce.


In the past when I've said educators should avoid relationships with their students and aim for someone of age…I didn't mean that they should harass their employees! Gorden wasn't just harassing the female teachers at his school, but he was threatening their jobs if they didn't accept his advances. What a sick pervert!

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The disgraced principal admitted to his unprofessional behavior and said that he crossed the line more than one time with more than one person. According to female staffers, he would often times talk about their body parts at work, send inappropriate text messages, even harass them on Facebook asking for sexual favors. What a pig!

Now he's claiming he's sorry for what he's done and that he feels horribly for his actions. Of course now he feels this way since his jobs are on the line. As a father and as an authoritative figure, he should've known better than to behave in such a vile way. 

He is not only disgusting, but unprofessional for using his power to intimidate his female employees. Reports say he even kept a teacher from having a regular classroom to teach in because she refused his advances. I hope he gets what he deserves because his behavior went on during his three years as principal. Now he has to pay the price as he awaits the fate of his other two jobs. The smart thing to do would be to remove him because a public figure with that type of baggage does not make for a good role model.  

Image via Steve Van Gorden-Mayor of Zephyrhills/facebook

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