Toddler missing for 14 hours owes his life to loyal dog (VIDEO)

In case you needed any more reason to finally get your children the dog they've been asking for, look no further than the case of Dante Berry. After wandering out of his home last Tuesday, the 2-year-old Australian boy spent 14 hours in the wilderness by himself...but was eventually found safe and sound, thanks in large part to his loyal dog, who stayed by the toddler's side the entire time! Aww!


Berry had been playing in the front yard of his home at around 8:30 p.m. last week when he apparently wandered off. After his mother discovered he'd gone missing, she called the authorities and soon, a 100-party search began. They looked frantically all night though a thunderstorm and rain, but it wasn't until 8:30 a.m. the next morning that they discovered the boy's diaper with paw prints on it about two miles from Berry's home. 

Shortly after finding that first clue, they finally came across the family's German Shepherd, Dasher, who came running up to search group and led them all to the toddler! Isn't that amazing?!

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Thankfully, besides suffering from slight dehydration, Berry was found miraculously unharmed. After a closer examination of the duo's footprints, police confirmed that the boy and his pooch had been walking around in circles for close to 14 hours.  

Wow, what an amazing story! We all know it's incredibly rare for a missing child case to have a happy ending, so it's such a relief to hear that Berry was found uninjured. Although I'm sure he was scared and confused during that long ordeal, he was incredibly lucky to have such a faithful dog watching over him and keeping him warm throughout the cold night.

Now, I just hope that Berry's parents have learned to keep a closer eye on their young son from now on (hey, they don't call it the terrible twos for nothing!)--and, of course,  that they reward Dasher with plenty of treats and a lot of love!

Image via YouTube

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