Boy blows his parents' entire life savings on candy!

In what sounds like a story straight out of every kid's fantasy, a 9-year-old Ukrainian boy spent about $4,000 on candy. Yes, you read that right! The boy discovered the those dollars, plus about 600 Euros his parents had saved underneath their couch during his fall school holiday. He had taken the money after an argument with them and since then he had been spending it on candy for himself and friends.

The drama unfolded after the boy's father noticed that the stash of money he had saved was gone.This kid easily deserves the worst grounding ever!


How much candy was this child buying that he blew all that money in such a short period of time? I'm just shocked that his parents hadn't caught on much sooner. This is probably one of the worst forms of vengeance I've heard committed by a child! The average 9-year-old knows that they should not be playing around with money in the first place.

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According to Ukrainian police, the boy had converted the cash into euros with the help of another adult, which only shocks me more. What kind of moronic person doesn't question why a child has that amount of money on them?

No matter what their dispute may have been about, the boy committed a terrible act by misusing his parents' funds. For all he knew, they were saving up the money for his future education! I would not blame them if they punish him for a long time since it's obvious that he needs to learn his lesson. And a lesson for their parents, too, so maybe they'll stash their cash in a bank--or at least somewhere safer--from now on.

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