Mom names newborn twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

A mom in Kenya recently gave birth to twins and decided to give them very presidential names: Millicent Owuor of Kenya named her newborns Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The proud mom gave birth to her sons in a town called Kogelo, where the President's father was born.

Owuor reportedly went into labor on Election Day as the world awaited the results. And it seems like she wanted to keep history alive through her children!


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I thought it was funny that Owuor decided to name her babies after the President and his opponent. I wonder how the rest of the family must have felt knowing that she named one of the babies Mitt Romney. After all, this was probably a town filled with Obama supporters.

I'm sure President Obama and Mitt Romney would be amused by the news that she named her newborns after them, something especially significant after this nail-biting election! But it turns out Millicent wasn't the only new parent with the name Barack in mind. According to Reuters, other newborns born in the area were given the name Barack that victorious night.

I would probably never name one of my future children after a public figure. I do wonder how Mitt is going to handle growing up without being compared to Barack all the time. Now that will be one monumental sibling rivalry!      

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