Noticed anything strange during President Barack Obama's acceptance speech last night? No? Think harder! What about that obnoxious 'Hair flag lady' standing right behind him while he gave his presidential speech? A lot of viewers couldn't seem to keep their eyes off her, and honestly who could with that flag she had attached to her head?!

The mystery woman definitely got a little taste of the spotlight, achieving almost immediate internet fame. There's even a hashtag on Twitter called #Hairflag. Can you believe it?

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So what is it about this woman that drew so much attention? Well for one, her constant flipping of her head and the movement of her flag was EXTREMELY distracting! Many viewers have expressed how they found her to be not only annoying but very disrespectful. After all, we did tune in to hear Obama not to watch some lady with some flag stuck in her weave! Right?

But maybe that's not the only thing that caught our attention. Maybe, in the end, it just all boils down to the way this woman proudly expressed her patriotism. Not only was she brave enough to stick a flag on her head, because let's be real here, who does that? But her expressed excitement over the president's words kind of reminded me of how excited I was during the Obama vs. McCain presidential election four years ago. It was the first time I had been so excited about voting, the first time I really believed there was a chance for change. And I honestly still believe that now, especially after seeing Obama win again this year.

Maybe she did wear that flag on her head for attention, but maybe she didn't. And as silly as she may have looked, I'm just glad to see another woman of color excited about the changes we believe will happen in this country!

Check out the video below!

Image via CNN

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Add Comment Tell us, what did you think about the 'hair flag' lady last night?


She was terribly distracting! But maybe you are right, and she was just as excited as we all were! :)


She was annoying ,disrespectful and retarded.


LOL! I totally noticed her too, but she didn;t really bother me that much, though I have to admit, the way she wore the flag WAS a little bit immature, no? Whatever OBAMA2012!!!! Yippeee


Maybe someone stuck the flag in her hair and she didn't realize it!..just saying because I have big hair and Im surprised when I find my old clips or bobby pins, pencils, pens, etc.. in my hair when Im washing it!..In highschool someone painted my hair with nail polish and I didn't even know!!!

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It is a bit immature, but not very distracting. Did she do it on purpose? Probably, you can see her appear to be looking for the cam at one point, but our Presidents words are what had my attention. @Medilat.. totally hilarious! I hope you never found anything moving around in there!
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