Horrible parents beat adopted son & kept him on deadly "liquid diet"

There are truly some people who should NOT be parents. I was horrified to learn that Mona and Russell Haure are being accused of starving their adopted 8-year-old son to the point where he weighed as much as a child half his age. The couple faces six charges of child neglect and malicious punishment of a child.

According to Minnesota police, the Hauers had the child on a liquid diet that had him weighing only 35 pounds. They even had him locked in the basement with an alarm on the door to keep him from "stealing" food. But the poor boy faced even WORSE treatment from the couple--who also happened to adopted his two other siblings and had a biological child.


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I could not be more disgusted than by the way these people have treated this defenseless child. It only makes me wonder if the rest of the children have been abused viciously too. The boy claimed that his he was the only one placed on a liquid diet and there were times that he would regurgitate his food because he never knew when he would eat next. How awful!

The child had been admitted by his mother to the Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Mankato because she thought he was throwing up blood. Doctors discovered that in addition to being malnourished, the boy suffered from anemia, brain atrophy, delayed bone growth and an irregular heartbeat. The poor child!  

It's bad enough the Hauers treated their adopted son this way, but he was also regularly beaten and his "parents" would orde his siblings hose him down a few times a week to wash off his filth! They even neglected to abide by doctor's orders that the boy needed psychotherapy upon adopting him, claiming they believed in "holistic medicine" and that the child was on an all liquid diet recommended by a chiropractor.

These good for nothing parents also accuse the child of trying to take control of the home with his eating habits, which is why they punished him with starvation.

Adoption is meant to provide a child with a loving home, not an abusive house of horrors. Adoption agencies need to do a better job revising background checks on potential families to avoid horrible situations like this one. I hope these parents get the prison sentence they deserve for being so cruel to an innocent child.

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