President Barack Obama & Michelle's hug conquers the Internet!

Those of us who voted for President Barack Obama are basically doing a happy dance this morning and it seems that much of the internet is doing one, too. An adorable photo of re-elected President Barack Obama hugging wife Michelle Obama was tweeted yesterday with the words "four more years"--and it has now hit the record books as the most retweeted photo EVER, basically taking over the internet last night.


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No matter what side of the political fence you sit on, though, you can definitely admit that this is a simply amazing photo of a very sweet moment. Now, this photo isn't actually a reaction to last night's re-election news, but it was sent right at the moment when the announcement was made and, as MSN Now put it, "seems to speak to the relief they must be feeling right now."

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Well, I've always been a fan of the president and his wife and this photo only goes to show that I'm not the only one. And, of course, the President only has good things to say about his family in his re-election acceptance speech last night:  

I wouldn't be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago. Let me say this publicly: Michelle, I have never loved you more. I have never been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love with you, too, as our nation's first lady. Sasha and Malia, before our very eyes you're growing up to become two strong, smart beautiful young women, just like your mom. And I'm so proud of you guys.

Seriously, how can your heart not melt when you hear that? I'm just going to end it with AWWWW and four more years!

Image via Barack Obama/Twitter

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