Nanny Yoselyn Ortega had a fierce fight with Marina Krim before vicious slayings

Like so many other mothers in the U.S., news about Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny accused of killing little Lucia (Lulu) and Leo Krim, left me cold. But from the moment that I found out about this vicious murder, I've been obsessed with the story. I'm not sure why, but I think it might be the fact that I myself am actually in the process of looking for a nanny for my kids and what happened with the Krim kids has me pretty terrified--especially after the latest details in the ongoing investigation were revealed.

Accordint to, a source close to the investigation has revealed that Ortega and her employer--and mom to the murdered children--Marina Krim had a vicious fight a day before the killings and that supposedly Krim didn't even say good-bye to her nanny that night before the murders as Ortega was heading home.


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It seems like this extremely angered Ortega. It's also been revealed that this fight was not the first between the women, since Ortega didn't agree with the way the Krims were raising their kids. Accordint to the nanny, Krim wasn't interacting enough with her kids and she was giving them too much junk food. What?!

It's pretty clear that Ortega has some sort of mental issue because, what does one thing have to do with the other? And what's more, if she was so worried about the well-being of the kids and she didn't like the way they were being raised by their parents, why MURDER them so viciously? I'm sorry, but none of this makes any sense!

More details have to come about in order to understand the true motive behind this senseless tragedy. To me, it sounds like the trouble was between Ortega and mom Marina Krim--and murdering the kids was the best way the nanny could get back with her hated employer.

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