School district blames tween victim for her own rape

Say WHAT?! In one of the most careless, hurtful and stupidest comments that a school district could ever make (at least in my opinion), a California school district is defending themselves against a lawsuit from a former student, calling the then-tween's sexual abuse "careless" and even going so far as to say that she "herself responsible for the acts and damages of which she claims." I'm sorry, but are they actually blaming the VICTIM of rape for getting raped in the first place?!


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The story begins with now 30-year-old Kristen Cunnae at the Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, who is claiming that her former physical education teacher, Julie Correa, rapped and sexually abused her from eighth grade and the next four years. When she finally had the courage to tell someone, her science teacher Daniel Witters, he allegedly molested her as well. The school district's response? According to, they said:

[T]his is a significant case that could have serious consequences for our school district. She is demanding several million dollars in damages. As a result, at this point in the proceedings we have an obligation not to waive any potential legal lines of defense. … Ms. Cunnane and the media have seized on only one of the nine potential areas and over-exaggerated its importance.

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I'm sorry, she over-exaggerated the importance of her rape? Meanwhile, Kristen is saying that she never specified any damages in her lawsuit and she's certainly not the only one suing over these teachers, since two other women are claiming to have been abused by teacher Daniel Witters and suing for $15 million.

I am absolutely horrified that the school is doing anything BUT conducting a real investigation into what happened and apologizing to someone who may have been the victim of sexual abuse by not just one but TWO of her should-be-trusted teachers. I really hope they grow up and do what's right, because blaming the victim is just NEVER okay.

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