Woman duped an entire community by creating a fake charity for terminally ill boy

I don't think a person can get anymore insensitive or morally wrong than this. A 22-year-old woman by the name Briana Augustenborg is under investigation after she was accused of tricking a Colorado high school to donate money for a dying boy who didn't exist.

Augustenborg told Eagle Valley High School that 9-year-old "Alex Jordan" was battling Leukemia and that she wanted to raise money and dedicate a football game to the ailing child. The woman even went as far as creating a Facebook page that covered details of his hospital visits and treatments. But soon her hoax was found out!


According to police, the school and residents became suspicious after the boy was a no-show at the football game dedicated to him on October 26. Shortly after, they were told he had passed away and even crazier is that there was an obituary in the paper. Police immediately discovered that the boy, "Alex Jordan," didn't exist when they couldn't find his death certificate.

It takes a very cold-hearted person to lie about something as awful as this. Not only did she create a fake sick child, but she got an ENTIRE community to believe her. It's shocking that someone would be insensitive enough to commit such a terrible lie!

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So who was the child posted all over "Alex Jordan's" Facebook page? It turns out that it was a South African boy who suffered from cancer and is still VERY MUCH alive. His pictures were from a children's cancer charity website! Shockingly the Facebook page dedicated to the fake "Alex" had gained over 1,000 likes. UGH, what an awful scam!

It infuriates me that someone would take terminal diseases so lightly and LIE about it for no apparent reason! Police say they don't know why Augustenborg would lie about this especially since she didn't ever collect the money or ask for it. The whole community feels duped by this terrible lie. "Apparently, she lacks so much in her life that she would do something like this," said shocked resident Kathy Rowling.

I couldn't agree more! People sympathized and wanted to contribute to a good cause only to be deceived in the end. I hope she gets what she deserves for lying about something so serious.

Image via NBC 9 News

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