Single mom's incredibly rude "tip" goes viral!

No matter what the state of your finances is, it's just common etiquette to leave a tip for a waiter whenever you eat out at a restaurant, right? Well, apparently one woman didn't get the memo. After enjoying a lavish $138 meal at an expensive restaurant with her kids, she left the following note in the tip section of the receipt:"Single mom, sorry."

Well, that's just plain rude!


After seeing the note, the waiter's friend posted a photograph of the receipt on Reddit, calling out the woman for her complete lack of courtesy. Of course, the snapshot caught the attention of thousands of Reddit users, who also blasted the woman behind it and accused her of giving single mothers a bad name. Others, however, questioned the legitimacy of the receipt, suggesting that the whole thing was was a prank at the expense of single moms.

Well, I would hope it's not real because I don't want to believe that anyone would pull off something that ridiculously rude. To dine out at an obviously pricey restaurant, spend more than $100 on a single meal, and then use your single mother status as some sort of cop out? That behavior is just gross, especially because no single mother that I have ever come in contact with would ever use that as an excuse.What lesson is she teaching her kids with that "poor me" attitude?

If the woman in question couldn't afford to pay for the full meal and tip, she shouldn't have gone out to eat there in the first place! She should have budgeted and planned ahead like most other parents—single or otherwise—do. After all, the $138 she spent on that one meal could have gone towards groceries, clothing and other necessary items for her family.

Image via PhoenixSongFawkes/Reddit

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