Idiotic, insensitive Brazilian model poses amid Hurricane Sandy debris!

I'm sorry, but WHO in their right mind would actually think it's appropriate to pose for a photo shoot against the destruction caused by terrible Hurricane Sandy? Apparently Nana Gouvea does! The 30-year-old Brazilian glamour model, who has reportedly graced the pages of Playboy, recently posted a series of photos on Facebookthat she had taken of herself, posing against the fallen trees and wrecked cars of New York.

Are you FREAKING kidding me?


The terrible lack of judgment and insensitivity some people have had towards this extremely tragic turn of events continues to baffle me. But honestly, this has to be the most idiotic thing I've seen in months! To make matters worse, Gouvea gave an interview to a Brazilian magazine stating that she loves hurricanes. Really now? When I first heard about this madness I was hardly able to contain my anger. They say it's therapeutic to write a never delivered or open letter as a way to vent frustration and anger peacefully. So I've decided to draft one out to Gouvea expressing exactly how I feel about her distasteful decision.

Dear Nana,

How DARE you make a mockery out of this devastating natural disaster!? It really makes me question not just your intelligence, but your moral compass. With more than 85 reported deaths, hundreds of destroyed homes, and thousands still without power, what kind of human being would find this to be a great time to have pictures taken of themselves in the midst of a storm-hit devastated city. Fortunately for you, you were spared from any harm. Maybe that has something to do with why you don't see anything wrong with what you did.

Or maybe, just maybe, I should give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you haven't been watching the news. Or maybe your power was out, and you had NO idea that so many people were tragically affected by this storm. Nah, I'm not really buying that. Because even if you weren't fully aware of the massive effects of this hurricane, something should have clicked in your little brain once you saw all those fallen trees and destroyed cars and homes.

So sorry Nana, but I'm not letting you out easy on this one! Maybe the lack of running subway trains had you and your husband home and bored out of your minds? Well if that's the case, instead of posing like some kind of fool, why not lend a helping hand to some of your fellow New Yorkers? You have power to log on to Facebook, right? So why not take advantage of your working electricity and cook up some food for some of those in need? That didn't cross your mind either, did it?

I'd hope that next time for your own sake, you try to use your head before making a crazy decision like this. Put yourself in someone else's shoes for a second. And think about how you would feel if you lost a home, a car or a loved one to a disastrous storm like this. It wouldn't be so funny would it? So I hope you've learned a lesson from all this and hopefully in time you'll grow a brain and a maybe a heart too!

-Johanna Ferreira

Image via Nana Gouvea/facebook

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