Woman arrested for masturbating while high in Starbucks

A woman was just taken into custody after she was allegedly caught masturbating in a Florida Starbucks and, when cops came, they found a glass pipe with cocaine residue in her purse.

Um, have you heard of anything more disturbing? I can't imagine this woman doing something so stupid and gross, and in a public place, no less!


According to a police report obtained by TheSmokingGun.com and reported by the New York Daily News, 29-year-old Jennifer Piranian told police officers that she wasn't feeling well when they found her in the Manatee County Starbucks coffee house. The cops had a different story, though, according to Brandenton Police spokesman Josh Cramer:

We got called there by someone who said she was masturbating. She was high on crack with her hands going everywhere. No one could ever say for sure what she was doing, and I'm pretty sure the video didn't show anything definitive. But her hands went into her pants when she was wigging out.

Well, talk about one WEIRD story! It's one thing for this woman to be dumb enough to do cocaine, but a whole other level to carry it with her in her purse and then go to Starbucks–to masturbate! Seriously, what was she thinking? I'm pretty much looking at this one and saying EW.

Image via Manatee County Jail

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