Honda now makes a car just for us crazy female drivers (VIDEO)

As if the idea that all women are bad drivers isn't bad enough, Honda recently introduced a new model specifically designed for females. And just in case you couldn't guess, it's pink. Ugh, seriously?

Apparently, the company has figured out what all of us ladies want from our vehicles and put it into one shiny, rosy-shaded package called the Honda Fit She's.


Priced at $17,500, the car comes with "women-friendly" features, which to them doesn't mean fuel efficiency or functionality--oh no! Their big contributions to female drivers? A windshield designed to block skin-wrinkling UV rays (to keep us looking eternally youthful and sexy for our men, of course) and an interior that includes feminine touches such as a "pink stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel garnish" and a "pink plated air conditioning display."  'Cause, y'know, air conditioning won't turn on for girls unless it's coming from a pretty container.

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The car, which is currently only being sold in Japan, also comes in brown and white-- colors that the company reportedly chose because they complement eye shadow. Oh jeez.

You know, I'm pretty surprised that the company actually came up with and created this model just for us. They really shouldn't have gone through all the trouble…especially since (according to the rest of the world) we don't actually know how to drive anyway!

Image via Honda

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