Toddler mauled to death by wild dogs after falling into zoo exhibit (VIDEO)

As soon as I heard that a 2-year-old boy had fallen into a wild dog exhibit at Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Sunday morning and had been attacked to death by 11 wild dogs, I told myself I'd never take my kids to our local zoo again. I know that sounds extreme, but that's really what I thought because it reminded me that, at the end of the day, zoos are inhabited by wild animals that can react unexpectedly at a moment's notice. Then again, that's one of the reasons it's important for all visitors to heed warnings related to what one should and shouldn't do in every exhibit in order to stay safe.

Little is know as to the exact details of this tragedy, except that they boy lost his balance after his mother lifted him onto the railing of a structure overlooking the enclosure housing the African painted dogs, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 


If the boy lost his balance, does that mean his mom let go of him after she lifted him onto the railing? That seems highly unlikely considering we're talking about a toddler. Although nothing will change the outcome of this tragedy, both police and zoo officials are investigating the horrific death of this toddler.

Meanwhile, I haven't been able to get the image of the little boy with all those ravenous animals on him out of my head. Nor have I've been able to figure out what the whole ordeal must have been like for his helpless mother who could do nothing except yell for help while she watched her baby boy being mauled. Will she forever blame herself for what happened?

Image via  cliff1066™/flickr

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