FINALLY! A laptop for women and our little lady fingers (VIDEO)

Have you ever look at your laptop and thought, "Gee, this is just a little too manly for me?" Well, it looks like your prayers have finally been answered! Fujitsu has just developed the Floral Kiss laptop, a personal computer for women, designed by (obviously) female engineers. 

Hooray! I don't think I could have lasted much longer without a laptop whose name sounds an awful like some sort of vaginal cleansing product.


The Floral Kiss (seriously, don't you feel like you've seen this in some CVS aisle before?)  comes in three colors--"elegant white," "luxurious brown" and "feminine pink"--and features cutesy details like "diamond-cut stone," "floral motif designs" and "pearl like accents," all of which are clearly very important in making the computer functional.

But it  doesn't stop there. According to the press release,  the laptop "features a flip latch that can easily open the display--even by users with long fingernails"... because as we all know, it is super excruciating to type, press buttons, or pretty much do anything at all without chipping a nail. And no woman would dare buy anything that could potentially mess up their manicures, ammiright ladies?

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And just in case you need one more reason to throw away your clunky, plain-Jane, (shudder) masculine old computer in favor of this one, Floral Kiss comes with a number of super helpful programs including "Scrapbook," "Diary," and "12 Daily Horoscopes." Oh yeah and the standard Windows 8, but you'll  be so busy posting a pearl-accented, feminine-pink horoscope scrapbook page into your floral-motif diary that you won't have any time to use Microsoft Office or anything as practical as that.

Wow, don't you just feel so enlightened hearing of this product? Silly me, here I was thinking that laptops are unisex and that as long as they, y'know, work, it doesn't really matter whether a man, woman or monkey designed it...but this Floral Kiss contraption certainly showed me!   

Now, if only it had some sort of all-in-one recipe-making, man-catching, rom-com playing app, all of life's problems would be solved.

Images via Fujitsu/facebook

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