Beautiful Latino family senselessly torn apart by cruel gunman (VIDEO)

A Latino man was shot dead while defending his wife and their four children. The gunman, who also killed the couple's 4-year-old son, managed to wound the mother, 7-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son while only the 8-year-old son managed to escape without any injury. In a case that sounds pretty much like the most tragic thing that can happen to this beautiful Latino family, at least it seems that the gunman has committed suicide after the killing.


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So why did he commit this heinous crime in the first place? It seems that 55-year-old Desmond John Moses was living in a bungalow behind this family's house but recently received an eviction from their landlord, something that he apparently blamed on 33-year-old Filimon Lamas, 28-year-old Gloria Jimenez, and their children, according to the Daily Mail.

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I honestly can't imagine anything more horrible than this crazy man tearing apart this beautiful Latino family after blaming them for something that I very much doubt was their fault. Plus, shooting children?! It's absolutely horrible, just HORRIBLE. My prayers are with this family, after these kids lost their father and one of their siblings and Gloria lost not only her husband but one of her kids while two others (and herself) were shot. I can only hope for their speedy recovery, both physical and emotional.

Images via Family Handout, Police Handout

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