Bullied teen gets revenge by stabbing classmates with sewing needle!

Well, it looks like bullying has finally pushed one girl too far. A 13-year-old Florida student was apparently so upset after getting harassed by peers in gym class that she allegedly stuck 20 classmates with a sewing needle as a form of revenge! Oh my god!


Police say that the girl was angry after a student, who had reportedly been bullying her for some time, threw a ball at her face in gym class. On Tuesday  morning during the bus ride back to school, the girl began pricking students in their arms and necks, using a sewing needle and a glucometer, a diabetes device normally used to measure blood sugar. She continued doing this at school, stabbing a total of about 20 kids, until she was finally reported by one of the victims to the principal.

Now, the teen is facing at least 20 charges of simple battery and culpable negligence.

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I find this story horrifying for so many reasons. Besides the fact that I am terrified of needles (which I am…very) and that the thought of someone randomly stabbing people with one literally makes me flinch, there are also serious health hazards to this girl's actions. She could have potentially caused an infection or illness in these kids by using the same dirty needles over and over. They all now have to be tested, just to make sure they're safe --all because she wanted to get revenge!

That being said, I also think it's obvious that this girl reached a breaking point after being bullied for God knows how long. I mean, who knows how many times she has been pushed around and mocked at school? So while I wholeheartedly agree that she should be charged and punished, I also think the school should take action against the students who tormented her and started it all.  After all, if something like this doesn't want to make teachers and officials crack down on bullying, I don't know what will.

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