What makes a teen girl think beating up a disabled neighbor is 'fun'? (VIDEO)

Savage and unconscionable are the words that immediately came to mind after I saw the very disturbing video below of a bunch of teen girls who, out of nowhere, decide to physically and verbally abuse a mentally challenged 48-year-old neighbor. While I've tried, I haven't been able to get the horrific images out of my head and I simply CANNOT understand what makes a bunch of girls think there's nothing wrong with walking up to a disabled person, who's just sitting there minding her own business, and start beating her up. And, even worst, to get it all on video and to upload it to the internet later on as if it were a feat to be proud of. 


I am livid and disgusted, but I'm even more worried about what this says about our society, about the next generation, about how much we've failed as parents, as a community, to be able to make these kids understand that there's such a thing called a conscience--because, sadly, these girls clearly don't seem to have one. 

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The thing that made it even more difficult for me to understand this whole incident is that according to at least another neighbor, one of the teen girls involved has babysat her own baby daughter. Needless to say, this mom was devastated, surprised and extremely worried. 

And that's what got me thinking: What can possible make a teen girl turn violent like this? I don't know if the answer is what they see at home, what they see on TV, what they see in school, but I do know that it's obviously a problem we need to tackle and we need to do so immediately.

Image via nbcphiladelphia.com

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