Horrible coffee shop bans moms with strollers

The Barn Roastery, a coffee shop in Berlin, Germany, has banned parents toting their kids in strollers from entering. In a move that many locals found offensive, the entrance to the coffee shop is now blocked by a large, concrete, bowling-pin-shaped pole that makes it impossible to enter with a stroller. This is ridiculous! 

Why are they discrminating against babies and moms?


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Well, the owners claim that the strollers are a fire hazard, but the giant pole doesn't seem to be much less of an obstruction. The real kicker? This shop happens to be a in an area dubbed a "Mama-Kiez" (a "mommy neighborhood), and the mommies are not pleased.

So aside from alienating some of its core clientele, the shop now has a reputation for disliking children. But really, it seems the shop owners--who also refuse to play music or serve sugar, and have a strong aversion to laptops--are only continuing their quest to mold their customer base into the baby-hating, black-coffee-drinking grouches they always dreamed of.  

I'm betting that once the negative media dies down, they'll have achieved exactly what they set out to do in the first place: make sure parents-- and their kids--know exactly how unwelcome they are at The Barn Roastery.

image via Eater.com

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