Woman fakes breast cancer to steal money for a boob job (VIDEO)

How far would you go to get a free boob job? A 27-year-old Arizona woman conned family, friends, and even a former boss into donating $8,000 for the breast implants she would supposedly need after her breast cancer surgery. 

That's right, Jami Lynn Toler actually lied to her mother and grandmother, asking them to give her money for a breast reconstruction surgery that she didn't actually need. Um, WHAT?!


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Seriously, what kind of maniac does this to the people closest to her? It's bad enough robbing your employer and friends out of money but your ABUELITA? Who does that? This woman is clearly heartless to have set up an online fundraising page called "Jami's Hope" on GiveForward, according to the New York Daily News.

She was found out after a generous doctor offered to treat her for free and she refused. She went through with the breast augmentation, paying in cash, but her former coworker became suspicious and called the police--eventually going to court.

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Now, at least, she's finally paying for it! She will spend a year in jail, get three years of probation, and has to pay back the money she stole from her 17 victims. I hope she's really happy with her new boobs, because she'll be paying for them for many, many years. And, to be honest, I really hope her family shuns her because that is just absolutely unforgivable!

Image via Police Handout

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