Boy fights to remain on girls' volleyball team (VIDEO)

I hated being told when I was younger that I couldn't do certain things because I was a girl. So I can't even imagine how upset 17-year-old Jensen Daniels must be to know that he is being singled out for being a male on a female sports team. The senior at Yonkers High School is fighting to remain on the school's All-Girl volleyball team in hopes of earning a scholarship for college.  

The teen had been playing on the team for more than a year since the school lacks a boys volleyball team, but he was benched after the state said he was too strong to play.  Lucky for Daniels, the school and his teammates are on his side as he battles it out with the New York High School Athletic League to remain on the team.


I can't say I blame him for being super peeved at the state for wanting to take his dream away.  Team captain Tara Herrera supports him 100 percent: "We feel that it's unfair, and that Jensen should be given a chance to play on this team because we love him," she says. The school had filed an appeal to allow the volleyball player to remain on the squad even though the state claims that Daniels surpassed the girls on his fitness tests. Daniels even told that he had joined the team to hone his skills in hopes of eventually scoring an athletic scholarship for college. 

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He surely is earning many supporters. "Jenson's passion for the sport underlines the importance of our position and illustrates why the District, after appropriate evaluation, supports his desire to play on the team,"  the school superintendent says. 

Principal Jane Wemuth said that the team managed to move up in ranks and now plays with the hardest teams because of Daniels. Not only is he a great athlete but it sounds like he's a smart cookie as well: "At the end of the day you make the change or your follow the crowd," he tells CBS. "I want to be the person who makes the change and inspires people."  

We wish him luck in this undertaking and hope he gets to stay on the team!

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