16-year-old kills his mom, dumps her body in the trash (VIDEO)

My mom and I used to argue a lot when I was a teenager, but no matter how bad our disputes got, I never in a million years thought of harming her. In disturbing news this morning, 16-year-old Darwin Jackson of the Bronx did the complete opposite and actually killed his mother, 34-year-old Tinesha Savage, by shooting her in the head. The teen admitted to killing his mother after an argument and stuffing her body in a plastic storage bin wrapped in a Scooby Doo blanket and then dumping it off on the street.

A building super reported the discovery of the body when Jackson later appeared at the scene of the crime with his 7-year-old sister who was hysterical. According to reports, he remained emotionless, cruelly spitting at the ground. He later confessed to police that he killed his mother and further proof was found as a building security camera caught Jackson dragging the container with the body across the street.


I was seriously perturbed by this story because this boy killed his mother in cold blood, in the heat of a dispute. But not only did he commit such an awful crime, he showed no form of remorse whatsoever afterwards. He even disrespectfully spit at the ground like his mother had been some animal! This wouldn't be the first time cops had an encounter with Jackson either. According to the New York Daily News, Savage had already been having so many problems with her son that in July 2011 cops had to pay their home a visit after another heated argument.

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Savage was a single mom who was known to be hardworking and quiet; she took care of her late husband who passed away a few years ago. Even eerier, there was proof that she was a loving mother in an interview that appeared in a New York Daily News article in 2002 when her delinquent son was just 6. In the article, Savage mentions that she worries about her children's safety after a school bus accident occurred and that she had decided to walk them to school every day.

Who would've thought that the very child she was trying to protect would turn his back on her one day and kill her so brutally? I hope Jackson gets what he deserves and lives with the consequences of the horrible act he committed.

[UPDATE: Darwin Jackson told police that after the argument he had with his mother, he shot her while she slept. When he saw that she was still moving, he finished her off by bashing her head in with a bat numerous times.]  

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