Alligator parties are stupid (VIDEO)

You've been warned, animal lovers and responsible parents. Bob Barrett of John's Pass, Florida is hoping you ignore common sense and caring about animals and your children's well-being and that you sign up for an alligator party.

Barrett's company, The Alligator Attraction, saw a drop in visitors, and he thought it'd be great to venture into the alligator party scene. Barrett tells Bay News 9: "You've had the Chuck E. Cheese party. You've had the clown party. You've had the jump-a-roo bounce house party. Well, when you say you're going to have a party, they go that's nice. We're gonna have a pool party. That's nice. We're gonna have a pool party with a gator. Everybody comes." HUH?


Call me insane, but even though I've run out ideas on how to celebrate my son's birthday, I'd never turn to alligator parties. I'd rather have a nice, relaxed dinner for him instead. Baby alligators with duct tape over their mouth in a swimming pool are not an attraction or a form of entertainment I'd like to support.

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In fact, I'm glad my 12-year-old laughed when I asked him whether he'd like an alligator swimming party for his next birthday.  

I don't think it's humane to shut an alligator's mouth for the sake of sticking them in a pool with children. I also don't think children should believe that swimming with alligators is safe or cool.

Apparently, some people disagree with me. Chris Jones, a mother who lives in the Tampa area, sought Barrett and his baby alligators for her 8-year-old son's birthday party. The best part is that she didn't tell her guests because she thought it'd be great to surprise them. "We allowed all the children to come to the party and the parents without telling them about the alligators," Jones told ABC.  I wonder how that turned out.

While I wish Barrett luck on his future ventures, I'm glad the Florida Fish and Wildlife is investigating his practice.


Image via BFS Man/flickr

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