France bans the words 'mother' & 'father' from official docs

France is hugely divided by a new proposed law that would make gay marriage legal, allow homosexual couples to adopt, and, in a bold move, remove the words "mother" and "father" from all legal documents and replace them with "parents" instead. It's an incredibly progressive move, but as you can imagine, it has fueled controversy and outrage among France's Catholics.   

A draft of the law boldly states that "marriage is a union of two people, of different or the same gender."


Wow! If passed, this would be awesome news for homosexual couples who'd like to get married and start a family. Supporters would say it's finally time that our society recognized that gay marriage is legit and that they too can raise happy and socialized children. Marriage and raising children is not a domain that should be limited to heterosexuals. In fact, heterosexual marriage and childrearing isn't perfect.

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It's no surprise that Catholic representatives in France are enraged and upset by the proposed law. Last week Cardinal Phillipe Barbarin told his constituents that gay marriage would lead to legalized incest and polygamy. Further, Barbarin said: "This could have innumerable consequences. Afterward they will want to create couples with three or four members. And after that, perhaps one day the taboo of incest will fall."

Did your jaw drop?

I've seen plenty of gay couples who live together happily and can serve as role models for some of the abusive heterosexual relationship I've witnessed. I have no doubt they will raise well-adjusted children in a loving home.

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