Hey college kids: Butt-chugging is as dangerous & dumb as it sounds so don't do it!

Let me introduce you to a way some college students are getting super drunk: butt chugging. You read correctly, and not only does it sound as crazy as it is, butt chugging is dangerous. On Saturday, Alexander P. Broughton, a 20-year-old University of Tennessee student, was taken to the UT Medical Center because he was unresponsive after a night of sticking a tube up his rectum so that he could readily get wine up there. Doctors saw signs of physical and "possible sexual assault." Besides those signs, Broughton ended up with at least a .40 blood alcohol level--in order words, comatose.   

But this trend is scarier than you think.


According to the police reports, Broughton's Pi Kappa Alpha buddies did the same. There were wine boxes strewn all over the place.

The idea behind this dangerous way of getting drunk is that putting the alcohol up the rectum through the tube means that it's quickly absorbed by the large concentration of blood vessels and capillaries and that the liver doesn't get a chance to filter the alcohol. I really wish whoever thought of butt chugging would have used their brain power for something else.

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I'd be silly not to think that my son will drink in college, but stories about college-aged students doing stupid things or being subjected to dangerous activities make me so nervous about my son's approach to his post-high school years.

Broughton's parents sent him to college for an education and a chance at an experience that will set him up for a successful future, but he made a stupid decision that could've cost him his life. I hope Broughton recovers quickly and talks to his frat brothers about the dangers of butt chugging.

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