8-month pregnant convict escapes prison, still on the run

Bridgette Sims has pulled off a feat that is just incredible: escaping from a hospital carrying an 8-month-old fetus while under the watch of a police officer! I'm not giving her any kudos for getting caught stealing at a Walmart in Floyd County and possessing a controlled substance, but seriously, I could barely put my shoes on or sit down without looking funny at that stage of my pregnancy. Whoa, lady!


Apparently, she was arrested on Friday for theft and an unknown controlled substance and started having complications related to her pregnancy. The 23-year-old troubled Sims was taken to Floyd Memorial Hospital in New Albany, Indiana to get care.

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Sims saw her opportunity to escape Sunday afternoon when she asked the officer to let her use the bathroom. Even with the door ajar and the officer keeping an eye on her, she managed to pull one over the cop by leaving through an adjacent room!

In all seriousness, Sims has issues outside of the criminal charges she faces. She's believed to be a heroin addict and has a boyfriend who also has a rap sheet (there's a warrant out for Chris Gentry for violating probation). If in fact, she is a heroin addict, her judgment is clouded by that high and her decision-making is putting her and her baby in danger.

We're left to wonder about what happens when she goes into labor? Will she avoid checking into a hospital if an emergency arises because of her warrant?

For the baby's sake, I hope she turns herself in because she'll live a life running away from the law. That's extremely hard and dangerous with a baby. Plus, she should get help for her addiction.

Images via Police Handout

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