Reddit perverts posting photos of underage girls are facing backlash from users

Popular message board website Reddit doesn't technically allow users to post photos that show "suggestive or sexual content featuring minors" but many say that there has previously been a culture of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" when it comes to photos of young girls. Now people are finally saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to these "creepshots" and Reddit users are fighting back against users who post "secretly-taken pictures of underage girls, particularly in light of a batch of photos apparently shot by a high school teacher," according to the New York Daily News.


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The photos all have a creepy nature from the start, since the photos are all originally posted on a forum known as "subreddit" where "candid" photos that "typically focus on women's breasts, behinds or crotch regions, while the subjects have no idea they're being photographed" are posted. However, one user is turning attention on some of these photos violating the site's "no minors" policy. Reddit user SpencerTracyMorgan writes:

There are several contributors...who seem to either attend or work at high schools. [Singling out three specific users he calls] particularly troubling. What's particulary disturbing about the voyeur subreddits is that individuals are having their perverse, invasive and illegal behavior validated and encouraged by many others. These voyeur subreddits normalize and encourage predatory behavior.

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I'm really glad that users are finally cracking down on the photos of minors. It's one thing to be a voyeur (which is kind of gross in and of itself) but it's EXTREMELY wrong to be doing it with photos of girls that are underage--and even worse still if the people actually uploading are associated wih high schools, or are high school teachers. I really hope Reddit itself does more to stop these perverted photos from being posted by users.

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