74-year-old abuelo accused of murdering his daughter-in-law in cold blood! (VIDEO)

It's disheartening to hear that a longstanding family dispute allegedly led one grandfather to kill his daughter-in-law and the mother of two of his grandchildren. Yesterday morning, Tammy Palmer sent her kids off to school on the bus in Rockland County, about 30 miles north of New York City, when 74-year-old Eugene Palmer decided he'd had enough. Without thinking about the two children who'd be left motherless, Palmer is accused of shooting Tammy in the chest.   


To Eugene Palmer, killing Tammy seemed to be the best solution to end the long history of confrontations. Tammy Palmer had asked for an order of protection to be issued against her husband John Palmer because of harassment. Unfortunately, police records support turbulence in the family.

Eugene Palmer showed no remorse when he asked his sister Elaine Babcock to pay his taxes and wait an hour before calling the police. That would give him enough time to escape. Police are currently searching for him in Harriman State Park in Upstate New York, where he was a park ranger.

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I can't fathom explaining to the two children that their mother is dead and that their grandfather is likely the person who killed her. If things were as bad as the documents show, I'm sure they witnessed some of the arguments and are traumatized from those events.

I hope the family can find a therapist to help the children deal with what they've already seen, make sense of losing their mother and managing through that pain.

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