Transgendered Guatemalan is teacher by day, prostitute by night

I had to pause when I read the story about Linda Elizabeth Tylor Martinez, a Guatemalan man who is a teacher by day and moonlights as a female prostitute by night. I asked myself so many questions. Based on the pictures by the Associated Press and the story in the Huffington Post, Martinez is out late at bars and nightclubs picking up clients. How does Martinez manage to wake up after a long night of clubbing to teach class the next morning? Is Martinez a good teacher? Does it even matter? Why is Martinez risking his life in an already dangerous profession? More importantly, how would I feel if he taught my son?


I can tell you I'm a huge supporter of transgender, transsexual, bisexual, and homosexual rights and would not mind it if my son was taught by a teacher who identified as such. I do have a problem with a prostitute or a stripper--male or female--teaching my son, even if Martinez says he does what he can to keep his night job a secret from his students.

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I don't want to make a strong judgment without knowing Martinez's motivation to work as a prostitute, which he says is, aside from extra income, because it's the only place that he "can really be a woman." I really hope my son's teachers don't have that kind of secret.

Ignoring that Martinez teaches children, I am sympathetic to the fact that he feels entrapped by being a male and can only feel feminine when he works as a prostitute. Generally speaking, our culture isn't accepting of any sexual orientation that's not heterosexual. Empathy for violence against gay, lesbian, transgender or the transsexual community is very limited. People look the other way, as was the case when two transgender people were killed in Guatemala.   

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